Friday, July 17, 2009

Fonts Available

Font Choices
Here are all the fonts now available!
Designer font in both upper and lowercase
Script in both upper and lowercase
Typewriter (now available in UPPER and lowercase)
Curly in lowercase only
Block uppercase in 6 sizes

New Basic Lowercase font.

New Old World Calligraphy lowercase font.

Typewriter Uppercase Font

NEW! Extra Large Fancy Font
(6mm, same size as the largest Block font)

New Greek Alphabet Font
Corsiva Font
In Upper and Lowercase

Handwritten Font
in upper and lowercase

So happy to have so many choices now to offer you all!


  1. awesome fonts! What are their names?

  2. I love your fonts!
    Where do you get them from?

  3. I am also interested in where to purchase the fonts. I work with clay and do baby handprints, and the rubber stamps I use are very limited. Tried a google search with no luck. I promise I do not compete with you. Thanks.