Saturday, October 24, 2009

Design Symbols


Here are the design stamps available now.
Shown with names below in the order they appear
from left to right in the images. (newest designs added to the top of this post)

My Newest Favorites:
Birdcage, Tree Stump, Hibiscus
Lg. Chickadee, Med. Chickadee, Sm. Chickadee

New Design Stamps
Large Swirl Heart, Caduceus
Open Flower, Large Leaf, Large Swirl Cross
Swirl Wings

More New Designs:
Left hand, Right Hand, Left Foot, Right Foot
Heart Keyhole, Skeleton Key, Heart Key, Eiffel Tower, Owl, Large Bird,
Conch Shell, Sand Dollar, Clam Shell
3mm open Heart, 2.5 mm Open Heart, Solid Heart

New Designs:
Heart w/arrow, Triple Heart, Real Butterfly, Double Leaf
Daisy Flower, Fresh Flower, Tree,
Sunburst Heart, Heart Lock, Tennis Racket, Old Style Cross

Heart, Swirly Heart, Abstract Heart, Tiny Heart, Curly Heart, Stylish Heart
Cross inside a Heart, Double Hearts, Heart with Wings, LOVE symbol

Stars +:
Star, Abstract Star, Solid Star, Tiny Star, Heart inside Star
Sun, Moon, Snowflake, Falling Snow, Lightning Bolt
Pansy, Lotus, Leafy Branch, Hibiscus, Daisy
Leaf, Tiny Leaf, Tiny Elm, Tiny Flower, Clover, Apple
Sunflower, Palm Leaf, Starfruit

Ladybug, Bee, Butterfly, Dragonfly
Shell, Starfish, Seahorse, Turtle, Anchor, Wave

Skinny Cross, Cross Outline, Christian Fish, Angel Wings
Chickadee, Soaring Bird, Perched Bird

Kids and Pets:
Girl Face, Boy Face, Bear, Paw Print, Cat Face, Dog Bone
Baby Feet, Tiara, Crown
Baseball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball
Horseshoe, Peace Sign, Swirl, Fleur de lis, Squiggle Dots, Diamond Dots,
Question Mark, Music Note, Ribbon


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